primary capabilities

"Christa is a visionary and a creative genius. Marry that with her graphic design ability, marketing expertise, and entrepreneurial prowess and you get an extraordinary leader."


Who Are We

We’re a group of seasoned, well-established professionals who are very good at helping our clients discover their competitive advantage and build powerful stories that connect. Our experience covers:

  • 20+ years of marketing, design & programming experience
  • 15+ years of international commerce, marketing & expat training experience
  • 5+ years specifically in the business storytelling space
  • A healthy blend of startup to corporate experience
  • Academic, military & government experience
  • Multi-cultural/lingual experience (Fluent in Spanish, French, German and more)
  • 15+ years of neuroscience of behavior economic experience

What We Offer

Brand Discovery

  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Positioning

Competitive Advantage Discovery

  • Market Channel(s) Definition, Distribution & Segmentation
  • Managing Products & Value Creation
  • Global Marketing/Local Reality

Customer Discovery

  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Data Intelligence

Visual Brand Assessments

  • Translating Brand Message to Design
  • Art Direction and Website Architecture
  • Storyboarding for Video Production

Social Engagement

  • Identifying Digital Channels
  • Social Media Message & Branding
  • Social Marketing

Sales Force Performance

  • Sales Message Strategies
  • Aligning Sales & Marketing