Story Lab Phase 1 : : Discovery Tool Kit

Story Lab Phase 1 : : Discovery Tool Kit


Brand Discovery & Coaching

At the core of your brand is you. If you don't know why you're 'in it', then when the winds blow, you will blow it. Of course, you know can't build a house on shifting sands. You cannot build a brand without a solid foundation. You are that foundation. The heart and culture of your brand start with you.

We will spend between 2 hours, we'll cover the following:

Topics covered:

  • Your current and future state.
  • Your personal values, culture, and goals.
  • Understanding your tangible and intangible benefits.
  • The experience that represents your core values.
  • Declaring why you're one to lead?

Articulate your why and purpose in 3-5 words.


  • The Business Storytelling Builder
  • The Business Story Generator Canvas
  • Access to Business Storytelling: Find Your Why Online Course
  • The Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder Book and Assessment

Choice of Locations: 

Virtual (Skype, phone)
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Chicago, Illinois


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