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Pitching vs Storytelling

Quick Answer:

Pitching focuses on what you do. Storytelling focused on who you are.

Entre-SLAM events and competitions showcase narratives of companies sharing their purpose and the passion behind the vision. At our events, entrepreneurs can kind of let their 'freak flag' fly and be their true selves versus what they think the audience wants to hear. The results are pretty consistent: authentic connections are made and a sense of trust is established early.

Our vibe is fun, welcoming and when you're there, you have definitely entered the No BS zone. The competitions are beautifully diverse and incredibly supportive. Keeping it real, though, inflated egos, alpha male/females don't usually do well because the culture we've built over the years can spot and smell spin a mile away. Usually the ones that start with the equivalent of 'I own every room I go into' are generally the first to flame out.


“Storytelling is integral to truly engaging with another individual. Being able to convey what you do, what you stand for and what you want for the future enables you to find the people you need... and to find the people who need you. In a clear and concise fashion, Christa was able to provide the safe and creative space for me to craft my story. I’ve used the story we crafted in many situations and each time I can see people leaning forward and taking note. It’s wonderful and powerful to have worked with her. I’d be more than happy to talk to anyone thinking of engaging with Christa either through her storytelling workshops, her one-on-one sessions or at Entre-SLAM. Drawing a direct line of value wouldn’t be difficult at all."
Miche Rayment, The Hire Effect


Vickie J. Lewis, CEO of VMX International. VMX is a woman-owned, minority environmental services company.

Meet C'erra Eddington from Anthony Neil Brand. Her story will take you on a journey while encouraging you to celebrate your own. 

Janet is the founder of Safe Niche Products and she has developed a system to help protect the health of veterinarians and their technicians. 

Muhammad Muzhari, founder of Ballot and an app that bridges the gap between people and politics. 

Ojas Akolkar is the founder/owner of Tribal Fare an artisan destination in Detroit, Michigan.