Left brain =
Linear &

Right Brain =
Creativity &


Storytelling creates the bridge that brings the linear together with the creative in ways that make innovation inspiring, accessible and unforgettable.

Biz Storytelling: Find your why, accelerate the yes

Translation: If you can't tell the world in under 10 seconds why you're the only choice, you need us.

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Find Your Why Course
A brand and sales building experience
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Be a Storyteller

If somebody is going to say 'no' to your brand, let's make it really hard for them to do so, shall we?

What Do You Do?

Your current sales message has its own DNA structure that has a foundation made up of two things: tradition and status quo. How's that working out for you?

Go Deep

In order to understand what you're really selling, you must look beyond the advantages of your product or service. The magic is in the depth and breadth of knowing why you're in the game.

What We Do

Sales Coaching

Even if you don't know or feel it yet. Our job is to be your drill sergeant, shrink and biggest cheerleader. We'll help you find your competitive advantage and own it.

Branding & Design

Too many folks go the other way. The brand cannot drive message. You get the message right, rest will fall into place beautifully. (fine...if we're wrong, we owe you a shot of Tequila)

We Love a Good Party

Come meet the rest of your tribe and watch as innovators like you, come to the mic and leave it all on the stage.

Mission Critical Outcomes

Bring your team together with clear & bold messaging that drives momentum and sales

Own Your Advantage

According to a Gallup and Deloitte study, organizations that don't know and can't clearly articulate their competitive advantage, experience these three critical issues:


Simon Sinek Was Right . . . Sort of.

When you are able to clearly articulate what you do, how you do it, and why; you lead. When you dig deeper to discover why you are the one to lead, then you win.

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Being a Founding Partner of Zingerman's, I have been speaking publicly for over 30 years. I have never felt very comfortable in this role. I recently had the great fortune to receive a couple of coaching sessions from Entre-SLAM on the art of "story telling" and I am now looking forward to the next time that I am called upon to present to an audience. If you are a novice or a pro, Entre-SLAM can sharpen your skills and make your next presentation a whole lot better.

-Paul Saginaw


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