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Entre-SLAM is a storytelling competition for entrepreneurs who are looking for something . . . different. Entre-SLAM delivers a non-traditional experience for the creative, scrappy, bold entrepreneur.

2nd Place Winner: RaiAda LaNier

After a particularly difficult breakup with her business partner, RaiAda connected with a whole other level of acceptance and strength within her. What emerged was . . . brilliant

3rd Place Winner: Omeid Seirafi-Pour

After looking in all of the wrong places to fulfill his dream to start a tech business, myFab5.com CEO turned to the jewels that were right in his backyard, the heart of Detroit.

1st Place Winner: Adrian Tonon, Cafe Cortina

After being called the Dirtiest Restaurant in Detroit, Cafe Cortina fought back. Here's what happened next...

Michelle Massey Barnes shares her thoughts on Doubt & Self-Hate

When those voices of fear start to creep in and you have a choice to make:

"I was soooo ready to quit. And I don't quit for ANYTHING, until this day..."

Chris Lee Founder,

While running late for work, Chris came face-to-face with a racing fire truck, causing a head-on collision that left Chris with a closed head injury...

Tamara Sutton, Founder of Soul R Express

When her son died, Tamara journaled and eventually her work landed with a publisher. Unfortunately, the company was sold and she lost EVERYTHING. She then did the only thing she could possibly do ...

Richard Chang, CEO of NewFoundry

Remember when the internet went down in 1996 for nineteen hours? Well, Richard does because his first job after graduation was with the company that caused the meltdown...


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