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Persuasion is the centerpiece of business activity

"Even the most carefully crafted efforts are routinely greeted with cynicism, lassitute or outright dismissal."
Harvard Business Review


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canvasWhy You Should Attend an
Entre-SLAM Event

These folks are brave and we have mad respect for them. In addition to telling their story in front of at least 100 of their peers in the business community in under 5 minutes, they've had to endure 3-5 hours of coaching to deconstruct the 'tried and true' and discover their company's purpose.

PLUS: We have fun . . .


The Role of an Entre-SLAM Judge

The role of the judge is to listen for these business owners to not just give a presentation. These folks have dug in, pushed and found a narrative that's built to move people to act. At Entre-SLAM, pitching has a negative impact on scoring. Specifically, the judges are watching and scoring on a 100 point scale, three components:

  • Timing
  • Style and delivery
  • Ability to convey a clear purpose

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